OK, so I know I've only been featuring OPI colors so far, but OPI has been killing it this season with their holiday colors! (brand variety coming soon, I promise!) ...SO, I went in Ulta yesterday to pick up a gift for Bunco night with the girls. I ended up getting OPI's holiday minis gift set as a gift for game night. Needless to say, I walked out with three other polishes too! (Ulta is having a buy 2, get one free sale on OPI and Essie polishes) So I did get a good deal! But anyway, I ended up getting a really pretty red, from their holiday wishes collection and two colors (a purple and a gold) from their Ulta Exclusives holiday collection. So here they are...

The first is Glove You So Much (from the Holiday Wishes Collection)

The top pic, is without the flash and shows the dark tones of the color. The bottom pic with the flash, shows the warm red tones of the color. In real life, it looks closer to the color in the first has a really pretty shimmer to it...its what I like to call a sophisticated, sexy red!

The next color is Visions of Sugarplum (from the Ulta Exclusives Collection by OPI)


Another pretty purple from OPI! (Y'all know I'm biased on purples because I LOVE them, lol) ...This one is slightly different because it is a purple glitter. It is not like Merry Midnight, however, which I featured in my last post because it does not have the jelly formula of Merry Midnight. What makes this one really different though is that it has very dense purple and silver glitters that give it an awesome shimmer! It reminds me of one of my other favorite purples from OPI, Catherine the Grape, without the glitter...great color!

Lastly, Dazzled by Gold (also from the Ulta Exclusives Collection by OPI)


So I don't usually like glitters, but OPI has been making me fall in love with them, well at least theirs! So this is a really opaque glitter, which is awesome. This is three coats, but it really only needs two, I just added an extra coat because I felt like it I guess. It doesn't look cheap and guady like some glitters can. It definitely has a level of sophistication to it...OPI you hit the nail on the head with this one! (OMG! I'm turning into my mother, that sounds like something she would have slips out sometimes! LOL)


Have a great weekend ladies! Peace! 

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