Have you met Arbonne?

If you haven't met Arbonne, let me introduce you...

Arbonne Cosmetics is a global brand with a network of Independent Consultants. The brand specializes in cosmetics, as well as skin and beauty products. All of their products are vegan certified, meaning they are free of any and all harmful ingredients.

The best facial system on the market: RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging Facial System...

Product Description: 'RE9 Advanced synergizes not one, but 9 major age defying elements and botanicals in a powerful system of products clinically proven to start working within 24 hours. The RE9 Advanced breakthrough approach addresses skin health by pairing targets topical treatments with an age-defying supplement that accelerates results twice as fast...' And boy does it! After using the system for two days I noticed a difference in my skin! I honestly had a glow and several people actually noticed!

The set includes:
  • Smoothing Facial Cleanser
  • Regenerating Toner
  • Intensive Renewal Serum
  • Corrective Eye Creme
  • Restorative Day Creme SPF 20
  • Night Repair Creme

 I also had the pleasure of trying AWAKEN, a sea salt scrub 'with lemon for vitality and coriander for happiness.' I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scrub. I use it once a week during a morning shower and the scent really does AWAKEN also leaves my skin extra soft. It has moisturizing oils in it, so you can skip the lotion after the shower...AMAZING!

If you are interested in purchasing these products or discovering more of what Arbonne has to offer please contact Autumn Walakira at that you saw this post on POLISHFREAK and receive 20% off your first purchase....I hope you decide to meet Arbonne, I'm glad I did...

My apologies in my lack of posts lately, been busy busy busy with my new full time job as a government contractor and my part-time gig doing freelance PR work. I plan on picking up the posts as soon as I get a chance to finally swatch the Vintage Vixen Collection...this collection, in particular, has me looking forward to FALL! :)