This was the collection that started it all...

Last summer I was flipping through my latest issue of InStyle when I came across the ad for the Summer 2009 Mermaid in the Shade Collection by Sephora by OPI. I was immediately mesmerized and needless to say, it was THIS collection that started my obsession for nail polish...I LOVE blues and greens!! Below are the three colors that I almost immediately ran out to get from the the end of the summer I had the entire collection but I these are definitely my three favs! They have become my 'go-to' colors for the summer months!

Ocean Love Potion

Such a beautiful sea-foam green! Just lovely! It's actually about a shade darker than this is normal light...I wore this on my toes a lot last summer and I even got my manicurist to paint little yellow flowers on my big toes several times. It was really cute, wish I was blogging back then so I could've taken some pics. I'll have to get it done again...the formula on all of these is great. They are all opaque in two coats and go on very smooth.

Blue Grotto

These pics do this color no justice. It is the prettiest shade of deep dark blue, with just a hint of purple. It truly does remind me of the deep, dark, depths of the ocean. I used to get little white flowers on this color on my big toes, it was so sailor-chic with the dark blue and white. I think I'm going to take this color to my next salon pedicure! Who says you can't wear dark shades in the summer!?

Mermaid to Order

A stunning Blue-Green shimmer...the perfect color for a beach trip or tropical getaway! I didn't wear this color at all last summer...shame on me! I'm going to wear it tomorrow, I forgot how pretty it was! LOL!

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adorepink said...

I have Ocean Love Potion! I'm with you, it is beautiful. Its my first and only Sephora by OPI polish too.