The PolishFreak LookBook Series: Get the "Greige" Nail Trend for Spring

As you can tell, I really love this trend so of course I had to create a look for it. As I have mentioned in a previous post, the 'Greige' trend is in for spring. So I created a spring look with 'Greige' polish as my inspiration... For this look I chose OPIs You Don't Know Jacques, a grey taupey-beige....

The look should be simple and not overdone so go for neutrals and soft pastels. By adding in the warm tone of the bag, the look is unified yet interesting. Make sure to keep the same idea with your makeup as well, soft and neutral.


The bottom picture has a matte top coat.For this particular polish I believe the matte coat softens the look and makes it more wearable for spring, but if you're looking to make a bolder statement against your pastels and neutrals definitely go for the look with out the matte finish!


L said...

Would you please be my stylist LOL???? Im jk(not)

Cyan said...

Wow, You Don't Know Jacques really does look quite different with and without a top coat. Great to know it's a polish that can fit in year-round! (Loving the styling tips by the way! Polyvore is fun - I like Kaboodle and ThisNext as well - but I especially love how you're tying it all into the nail polishing world!)