Chanel Jade?????

Guess again!!

It's American Apparel "Office". This color has sold out on the website because of its similarities to Chanel's Jade polish. Can I just say I LOVE this color!! It's kind of similar to Essie's Mint Candy Apple also, but it seems to be a lot warmer and has more undertones of grey. The perfect spring color!! American Apparel did a great job creating their line of polishes. They came up with unique, edgy colors which fit right into the color palettes that have been seen on the runway for spring '10. The formula is also great. It applied very smooth, not too watery, but just right. Don't you just love it!? Wait til you see the others...coming this weekend!


Polish'd Cindy said...

Ugggg! This is the color I want soooo bad!!! Should have snagged it when they launched-lesson learned. Beautiful!

the-swatchaholic said...

I can't wait to get my paws on this nail polish! Thank you so much for your swatch!
It is now available in Germany too but I have to wait a little bit till I will order it.
I also love the design of the bottle. =)

Phreshh Mentality said...

love this colour! Think I might want to check out mint candy apple first but definitely want to try it!

Danica said...

I've been loving the American Apparel colors. I never buy anything online though, I probably won't get these. Just like Nubar, RBL, and Barielle. However, I will be getting some Diamond, Color Club, and NfuOh. The first two are inexpensive enough and the last one is just a huge lemming for me!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful colour!

~j. said...

agonizingly awesome colour! looks fab on & a nice shine