American Apparel Spring Colors

The American Apparel collection that was recently released has 18 lovely shades. So I kind of created my own American Apparel Spring Collection. I chose what I thought would be best to coordinate with the colors that have been seen on the runway for the season. These colors will definitely be able to transition in to the summer months...



As I mentioned in a previous post....Thanks to Chanel's Jade this mint green shade has become the most popular color of the winter and spring seasons. It is definitely edgy and super chic! It coordinates well with the florals and pastels that have been seen on the runway for spring.


 A lovely shade of taupey-grey. If you're a makeup gal, wear this color with a vampy dark lip (dark chocolate, purple or berry) and a LIGHT smoky eye. Don't do a dark smoky eye, since the lips will be so dark.


A beautiful dark lavender...but yet still soft enough for spring!


This color can stand on its own. It will definitely transition into the summer...Make this the hit of the outfit!!

Rose Bowl

The perfect pink-coral mix. A very feminine, sophisticated color that will transition from office to happy hour and shift from spring to summer.

Factory Grey

The most perfect slate grey with undertones of blue, LOVE it! Reminds me of RBL's Stormy. Pair this color with a soft pink top or bottom. There is something totally sophisticated about this color grey and a soft pastel pink paired together.

Palm Springs

The alternative to the soft pastel pink, go with this soft pastel coral shade. It's totally South Beach!

The formula on these was superb! Especially for a clothing retailer, they exceeded my expectations. They are thick cremes, that go on opaque in two coats. I know I LOVE every color swatch I do, lol, but I am seriously in LOVE with this collection. I can't stop staring at it and I really love the bottles too. So who's ready to win three of these awesome polishes? I'll be announcing a winner at 8pmET...stay tuned!!



April and Ashley said...

Drop dead gorgeous! I think they did an incredible job with their nail polish launch. Unique colors, good formula, and my favorite bottle shape ever. The Manila looks soooo good on you! I got a bottle and promptly passed it on to a friend with darker skin than mine. Such a great color but boy does it look gross on me! Looks great on my friend Michelle though. She agrees that this color will be an outfit maker. White t-shirt, jeans & Manila & you're good to go!

Rebecca said...

Manila, Rose Bowl and Palm Springs are my favourites here!

Twister said...

Very pretty colors!!! =o]

ebony said...

Lovely colors but I just can't bring myself to buy this brand! The owner guy is such a perv! :-/

Anonymous said...

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