I'm BAAAAAACCCKKKKK!!! Zoya Adina and Reece

Hey guys! I missed you! I'm back from my vacay to New Orleans...I went to celebrate and bring in one of my best friends' 25th B-day. We definitely had a blast!! And I have a few N.O. and Saints inspired posts I'm going to do later this week, when I can get some time to swatch. But for now here are two of my favs from the Zoya Reverie Collection, Adina and Reece...

This is the star of the Reverie collection and I definitely know why! A beautiful duochrome of lavender, green, pink and silver. Its one of those colors where it looks different depending on how the light hits it. Y'all know I'm a purple girl, so I LOVE this color and love how it looks against my skintone. I also love it because it isn't like any other color in my collection! Thanks Zoya!

A duochrome of pink, green, silver and orange...I'm turning into a Pink girl!! I hated pinks at first, but as my love for polish has grown and my collection has expanded, I have begun to fall in love with them. I think they look nice on my skintone. This is a very warm shade of pink and duochromeness (yes I just created my own word...who gon' check me boo?! lol)...I love the way the light reflects off of it...gorgeous!

The formula on these was really good, thick and creamy, not watery at all. Both were opaque in two coats and the drying time was actually kind of fast, I thought...Question to all my fellow polish freaks...I'm still trying to decide between Lana or Gwin from the Reverie Collection...suggestions?? I'll probably just end up getting both, LOL!


Autumn said...

Im so glad you are a pink girl....and yes, it looks FAB on you!! Oh and on the colors, get never know...

Danica said...

I really love Adina, but I don't think I can pull together the money and the want to buy any more Zoya.

gildedangel said...

Great swatches!!!

L said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. Need them in my life!

Euridice said...

So gorgeous! Reece is great, but that Adina!! I can see why it is getting the early raves from this collection, great pics!!

BTW, I nominated you for the Best Blog Award!!

kelliegonzo said...

wow i love them both! i really want adina and gwin :)

Anonymous said...

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